Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to order some other lengths instead of 6000mm?
Yes, based on customer´s order we can produce pieces of length from 4000mm to 9000mm, tolerance –0/+20mm.

Cutting of material to exact lenth (tolerance +/- 0,5mm) by circular saw or by band saw is our other service.

Can you deliver your products also with galvanizing surface?
Yes, tubes and hollow sections can be hot dip galvanised. Galvanised tubes can be also produced in lengths acc. to customer‘s requirement.

What are your delivery terms?
Usually we have in our stock whole range of our products. Total volume of stored goods is cca. 2000 tons. If you need special lengths, delivery dates depend on production plan.

What is minimal quantity for one order?
We prefare to sell minimum one bundle of one dimension. Weigths of bundles are 1t, 1,5t, 2t.

Are your products suitable for powder painting?
Yes, many of our customers use this type of painting with very good results.

Are you able to deliver other goods or do you sell only your products?
Yes we are able to manage also dimensions that we can not produce. Please send us your inquiry and we will send you our quotation by return.

Ovocný trh 572/11
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
Place of production:
Školní 266
330 26 Tlučná u Plzně
Czech Republic
Tel.:+420 377 931 514, 513
Fax:+420 377 931 474
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